About us

Shaping the Future of Pain Management

Our Journey to relieve chronic pain

At Heat2Move, innovation meets compassion. Based in Amsterdam, we are a dedicated group of entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, and tech aficionados committed to improving the treatment of chronic pain.

Our approach integrates innovative application of phototherapy and AI digital technologies with the aim to help  patients live a pain-free life.

Passion Driven

Patients First

Patient-centricity is our beacon. Every day, we challenge ourselves to be better and do better for patients. We strive to constantly increase the value and impact we bring to those we serve.

Treatment within Reach

Our solutions are designed to be efficacious, user-friendly, cost-effective, and seamlessly integrated into daily life, with no compromises on the benefit-risk ratio.


Passion is our catalyst. It fuels our research and innovations, leading us to reimagine pain treatment paradigms to ensure that every patient has access to effective pain relief.

Our Mission

To provide relief from chronic pain to every patient everywhere.

Our Vision

To offer Health Care Professionals and Patients innovative pain relief solutions based on phototherapy, striking the optimal balance between efficacy and safety — no compromises.

Meet the Team

The heartbeat of Heat2Move; meet the trailblazers driving our mission forward.


Marc-Derek Schönberger


A serial entrepreneur with expertise in Telecom, ICT, and Retail, Marc-Derek’s passion lies in making a difference.    In this case introducing devices that uplift the quality of life.

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Dr. Imane Wild


Drawing from her vast experience in academic research, R&D, Medical Affairs, and business development, Imane provides a unique perspective on pain management and offers a deep understanding of the challenges faced by patients and their doctors.


Golo von Basum


Previously steering projects at Philips R&D, Golo possesses intricate knowledge of our  prototype device. His versatility spans medical device development, startup management, and intellectual property creation.


Tim Schnieder


With over a decade in international Sourcing and Production, Tim’s expertise has been pivotal in several medical and consumer product launches. His proficiency ensures we can scale swiftly and efficiently.

"We aim to solve the global problem of chronic low back pain by delivering drug free relief and recovery"