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Ignite Relief, Inspire Movement.

At Heat2Move, we combine cutting-edge technology with non-invasive approaches to deliver innovative pain management solutions. We aim to help patients to break free from chronic pain and embrace life to the fullest.

Who we are

Expect more than just pain relief from Heat2Move.

At Heat2Move, we have the ambition to address more than pain symptoms – we want to improve the global well-being of patients and their quality of life. Our team combines expertise in the complexe science behind chronic pain with a deep understanding of patients’ experience with this disease.

Decreasing the intensity of pain is often not enough. Through leveraging innovative phototherapy, we  want to help patient relieve their pain and reclaim their active lives.

Keep reading and discover our ethos and our mission and vision.

AnalgesiX Blue: The Power of Targeted Phototherapy

AnalgesiX Blue is the result of years of research and development including two clinical trials that included over 700 patients. Our system uses patented non-ionising radiations emitted by blue LEDs combined with infrared light. Blue and infrared phototherapy with wavelengths in the range  used in the Heat2Move system have been shown to interact with specific chromatophore in the skin to trigger a cascade of chemical and cellular reactions that lead to pain relief.

Driving Innovation, Delivering Relief

Our Team

At the heart of Heat2Move is a group of passionate individuals dedicated to redefining pain management.


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